Secured Hosting vs Cheap Unlimited Hosting

Secured Hosting vs Cheap Unlimited Hosting

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Finding a reliable web host can be more challenging than wrestling a penguin in a tub full of apricot jelly. We know this all too well after going through a few web hosting horror stories of our own. Having a reliable web host is vitally important for business owners and entrepreneurs whose uptime can make or break their business.

“A reliable web host can mean the difference between paying your rent or standing out on the corner with a tea cup in your hand.”

Along time ago we used to have our websites hosted in the US, because they were a lot cheaper, had better servers, and had some great systems in place.  However there were several weaknesses that we saw in their system, these included:

  • Constantly getting hacked – because of having so much shared traffic;
  • Servers being overloaded becoming, slow and unresponsive, even though they guaranteed 99.99% uptime;
  • Their unlimited plans weren’t so unlimited, it seems that more you put things on the slower things became.

That made us think it’s better to bring our websites back home, and so we did.  We got our own server, we have complete control as to what is going on our server and we can keep and eye on things a lot closer to home.  The upside:

  • Better security;
  • Faster provisioning for clients; and
  • Faster load time for websites.

The downside:

  • More expensive

We are focused on a niche market that requires security.  You pay for what you get.  If you want your cousin Fat Tony to build and host your website on the cheap head over to crazy domains or something like that.

We don’t muck around when it comes to security, we ensure that if thinks do go awry, you are back up and running in now time.  There are people out there that want to steal your information and it’s our job to stop them.

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